There is No Table In this  world where Pakistan sit with India without Kashmir


Indian one more time forget sub continental dividing formula and  Showing  again immature polices .


  I want to ask Question to   Mr. Modi  PM of India , Modi you  have thousands Muslims blood on your hand  and  do you know what is the main Problem  between  Pakistan and Indian “ Hello India   anybody home   ” Very simple and clear “ Kashmir conflict “ where  the terrorists  come from  Mr. Modi How many Muslims found guilty in Indian  Courts .  You killed (Slotted)  thousands Muslims where are the justice for these innocence, under your GOVT they was crying  for help, it was your duty to safe them and you fail to do so. Your own Indian media is witness and Indian  still  select you PM  that a proof of  India is extremist Hindu state. Hindu doesn’t want to kill animal but is ok to kill  or slotted  human.


Happen to me I have lunch break and having my lunch one Hindu came and say to me( I was eating meat) hi you eating dead body after his this word I cannot eat any more, I was not angry with him but that hurt my mind, you killed thousands and thousands Muslims , Sikhs Christians  many other innocence . so you telling them  animals are  better than  to them? You still want them to Stay in  India,  how can they do that  they don’t have freedom they don’t feel safe. Modi belong to the party  have Slogan  “ Hindustan for Hindus”  Hindus  actions  are completely opposite then to their believe.I believe in India  animals are more import than to human , is ok to kill people but not ok to Kill animals, we are living in 21 century  open your eyes and think with brought mind and follow the rules and formula when Indian continental was divide  then solution is very simple.

Pakistan and India have only one Problem and that Kashmir conflict, if you don’t want to talk about Kashmir   then we can talk about Khalistan or other Groups  want freedom  from india, So you only want to talk with Pakistan about  terrorism  did  you clear  Pakistan which  terrorist group  India want to talk, you have too many. or you want  Pakistan talk to you on behalf of  all of them( Terrorists)  , "One man terrorist other man freedom fighter.”  just like in India  when British have rule Indian were terrorist , Mr.Modi you call them now heroes , there is no table in this world Pakistan will talk India  without Kashmir.  you killed in Kashmir  more than  hundreds thousands innocents, women, elderly, Kids, students   but you don’t want to kill a chicken that a crime in your book. Indian bureaucratese and politics can do better than that, I want to clear hear what’s a difference between  Normal Law and terrorist Law.

Two people get killed one charge in murder other Charge in Terrorist both have difference punishments’   When you create a state  inside the state and refuse to obey state order or Law It mean you want to take over the country come in defense category .So terrorists are   inside your own state and you have many institutes who work to defense the country in and outside before you blame some one else why not you ask them to do the job that their failure .but easy to blame some one else.

Kashmir gave more blood than to  Palestine ,up to Now  Pakistani GOVT fail  to bring Muslim world on board and put the pressure on Indian GOVT  to free Kashmir. Muslim world should Put SESSION on India and “BOYCOTT INDIAN PRODUCTS”, then Muslim  have another nuclear bomb that Call Oil , Muslim world should use against India .Stop selling oil to India . Nawaz shrif  have very good relation with Saudi Arabia is a time to use them.

Solution of  this problems  will  bring Economic revolution in continental  and we can live like  brothers, Indian continental  full of natural resources , if people financially strong they will forget freedom and will stay with India, just like ” Hong Kong”       I don’t remember the date but  last time when Pakistan foreign  minister leave the  meeting with Indian foreign Minister , reason was   indian foreign  minister  every fifteen minutes leave the meeting and want to get the instructions from Delhi, Pakistani  foreign  minister  told him  we have equal job and I know my limit I no need instruction from any Pakistani office ,  I have full authority  if I sign Pakistani parliament  will say ok, I came  here to talk  with full power  and I have ability to make decisions that why Pakistani GOVT  selected me   a foreign  Minister. So why not you  do your job and  sit here and we finalize  the deal, Indian minister was not agree and Pakistan leave the meeting because it was just a waste of time.

Here Indian again change their  mind before an hour why  not they make their mind when meeting was schedule is because Indian  don’t have experience of rules. I don’t thinks so any Pakistani want to do the business or deal with India  without  Kashmir. Future of Indian continental  is  freedom of Kashmir  they already paid the heavy price there is  NOWAY India can wipe them off. So come on India let’s make Positive move  Before Muslim World act.






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